What is Chan

Chan means enlightenment, also spelled as Zen in sometimes (as Japanese pronouncation).  In china, it was pronounced as Chan.  The purpose of practicing Chan is to obtain a better understanding the nature and meaning of life, the way of thinking and living so that the individuals can obtain emotional and physical well being, and live peacefully and healthily.  

What is Chanwuyi

Chanwuyi (Chan, Wushu, and Healing) is a unique Chinese culture that has been developed in China for more that thousands of years.  It is an wisdom of living, passed down from Chinese ancestors, for achieving a peaceful mind, healthy body and harmonic living.  It is philosophical model for conceptualizing the world, the nature, the society and the self.  It is also a practical ways of living, including methods to cook, eat, exercise, treat oneself and interact with others.   In sum, it is a lifestyle, a lifestyle that can be considered as medicine to improve one’s physical and psychological health. 


Chanwuyi originally is a Chinese Buddhism practice.  Recent empirical studies have shown its effectiveness on improving emotional and physical problems.  Thus, many individuals, disregards the religious backgrounds, have begun to adopt this practice as a lifestyle.

“Real knowledge is to know the extent of one’s ignorance.”


What is Wu

Wu means Kung fu.  Kung fu is an unique culture in china, that make Chanwuyi a very unique Chinese Chan practice from other Chan branches.  Kung fu has many different types, forms and schools.  The Kung fu that a Chan learners practiced is called Nei Kung (Kung fu for internal).  The purpose of practicing this type of Kung fu is to train ones' mind, thought and enhance Qi -blood circulation.  Since the purpose is to improve the inner status of the individuals, but not focus on training the muscle and limbs; thus it is called Nei Kung.

What is Yi

Yi means healing.  The purpose of learning and practicing Chanwuyi is to live happily.  The Chan and Wu practice within the Chanwuyi principle has been developed based upon the Chinese health and medical concepts; thus the model of thinking, eating, living are developed towards a healthier life. ; free oneself  from psychological problems and physical problems. 


The elements of Chanwuyi

Chanwuyi, originated as a Buddhism teaching, can also be considered as an unique Chinese culture.  It is unique because it was developed based upon Taoism, Chan Buddhism and Confucism.  

Taoism, begun in around 770-220 B. C. (Spring and Autumn to Warring State Period), was developed in ancient China.  It emphasized on the realization of the way of the universe, the world and the nature.  Its principles can help ones to better understand between nature and self, self and others, and inner self.  The most representative text is the Tao Te Ching that was written by Lao tsu who was considered as the founder of Taoism. 

Chan as a branch of Buddhism was originated in India, and was later introduced to China by Bodhiharma who come from India to China around 520 to 527 A.D..  Some emphasises on Buddhism are consistent with that of Taoism including the emphasis on harmony with the nature, the generous to the society and the principles of causes and results.  On the other hands, while Buddhism has a stronger sense of loving and compassion towards people, Taoism has a heavier emphasis on training the inner energy. 

Confucianism emphasis on developing virtue behavior in the society, it emphasized morality both in the personal and governmental levels, the virtue behaviors of personal living, family relationships and social justice.  This core belief is that human beings are teachable, improvable and perfectible through self-cultivation, self-enhancement and social-enlightenment. 

Chanwuyi as a way to improve psychological and physical health

One of the essence in Chanwuyi is to obtain control of ones' thoughts; thus learning Chanwuyi can be an effective psychological intervention.  Many psychological problems are causes by negative thoughts or illogical thinking.  For instance, some anxiety is due to unnecessary worry on daily living, negative thoughts, unreality beliefs, causing stress and anxiety.  Thus, if one can learn to control the thinking and replace negative thoughts with positive ones, unreality beliefs with reality ones, many psychological problems can be reduced or even disappeared. 

"Wandering mind" is a new concept in recent scientific areas saying that people' mind a lot of time is thinking of something else unrelated to what he/she is doing at the present.  Interestingly, people who showed less time on wandering mind is happier than those always “day dreaming”.  However, wandering mind is so unconscious and automatic that individuals without training will live with a wandering mind most of the time.  For the brain science point of view, wandering mind may be a waste of mental energy.  It is because individuals use many energy of thinking something not productive, and leave with less energy to do what they are purpose to do.  It is one of the results causing people to be less productive at work.  Thus, practicing the Nei Kung of Chanwuyi, as a training to control the mind, will improve the productivity of the individuals. 

According to the Chinese medical concept, there are some elements inside the body that have not been able to be measured or visible easily with nowadays machine, they are Qi and Blood (the blood here do not have the exact meaning of blood in western medicine).  The Qi and Blood can be considered as a circulation system inside they organs, bones, muscles, skins and neural system.  A smooth and effective circulation of Qi and Blood is the key of psychological and physical health.  Another purpose of praticing Nei Kung is to improve the Qi and blood circulation, and to maintain the effective internal circulation system.  In a closer western term is to improve the function of the immune system.